Spring 2012 Foundation Update

Hello Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation!

My name is Rick Myers, and I am the current “Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation” President, a foundation for our neighborhood school,
Laurelhurst Elementary. The Board and I wanted to send out a long overdue message to all of you who have faithfully supported the Friends of Laurelhurst Elementary Foundation over these past 12 years. We thought the New Year was the perfect time to share with you an update on the Foundation both past, current and future.

First of all a thank you. We appreciate each of you so much for your continued support, both your financial donations and your vocal support of our Foundation. As of today, due to your support, the value of our Foundation totals $570,000,which is more than half way to our goal of raising $1,000,000. Including last year, we have continued to average $20,000 in annual donations. This year we have stretched our goal to $25,000 and we can’t get to that amount without your support.

As you may know, the purpose of our Foundation is creating a savings account for the school with a goal in the future to give a fixed amount of this endowment back to the school annually, most likely 4-5%. We anticipate that when we hit $1M in the account, our disbursements from the endowment would be able to provide dependable annual funds of approximately $40,000 to $50,000 each year going back to the school. As the endowment grows, this annual contribution from the endowment can grow. In fact over the life of the foundation (13 years now), we have granted $130,000 back into the school. That includes items like Hi-Tech White Boards, major parts of a computer lab, books and 2 years ago we granted enough funds for 4 brand new Apple MacBooks. It is so much fun to move the funds back into the school in these ways, and to see the kids with the teachers having their education come to life.

Finally, we are in the midst of updating our website, but you can still come check us out at [2]www.friendsoflaurelhurst.org. If you have not had the chance to make your annual pledge payment, or if it has been a long time since you have donated, we would love your support. Open the donation form [HERE] and pay by credit card, or just send in a check.

Let us know if you have moved, or if you enjoy receiving these message once or twice a year, or maybe you are directing your support other places. In any case, please stay in touch with us – we appreciate each of our Friends of the school and want to hear from you.

Many Thanks and have a great 2012.

Rick Myers – President

Friends of Laurelhurst Elementary Foundation

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