545 Wine Tasting Dinner Is Friday, April 25th, 6-10:30 pm

Join us for a lovely evening at JM Cellars winery in Woodinville.

Free transportation to the winery is provided from the school. 

Veraci will have a wood-fired clay oven on site and be baking authentic Neapolitan pizza to go with that glass of Bramble Bump Red in your hand.

To save your seat on the bus, please RSVP to friends.of.laurelhurst@gmail.com

Catching Up at the Duchess

Thanks to all who joined us at the Duchess Tavern last Thursday for our Parents’ Night Out. We had a nice intimate group of friends, neighbors and 545 families that gave us ample opportunity to catch up with each other, raise a glass, and discuss our children, the school and the Foundation.

Congratulations to the raffle winners–we hope you enjoy those wonderful bottles of wine from JM Cellars and complimentary beer and pizza courtesy of the Duchess. And special thanks to the Duchess for welcoming our group.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the JM Winery Social when the weather warms up: Mark your calendars for Friday, April 25th, when the Party Bus returns!

Reading & writing programs supported by 2013 Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation grant

The Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation has been working in tandem with the PTA to identify areas of need at the school. As a result of this collaboration, the Foundation has issued a $3500 grant to finance the purchase of Reading Room books for kindergarteners and first graders, as well as Writers Workshop curricula for kindergarteners. In addition, a portion of the grant will co-fund Library furniture upgrades to benefit all students.

The mission of the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation is to establish a $1 Million endowment to enrich the educational experience of children at Laurelhurst Elementary for generations to come. While the Foundation works toward this goal, each year it makes a financial award to meet an area of need and benefit today’s children. The Foundation donors are pleased to support Laurelhurst students’ reading and writing programs with this year’s gift.

Tax man’s coming: Join 545 today!

As we enter the Fall season, our thoughts turn to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holiday season. But not so for our accountants. They would love us to do some effective tax planning before the end of the year. What better tax planning than to make your annual $500+ donation to the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation today. When you make a charitable contribution in 2013, the Federal government is essentially paying 35% of the gift for you. What a great way to end the year! Thanks for all your support, and with your help, we look forward to making our next annual grant to Laurelhurst Elementary.

Curriculum night is Foundation awareness night

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Kindergarten and First Grade parents and teachers who welcomed us into their classrooms on Wednesday’s curriculum night. We received wonderful feedback from those attending, many of whom were pleased to learn that there was a way to extend the benefits of giving beyond the current school year. We look forward to welcoming many new 545 Families to our Foundation as a result of everyone’s efforts Wednesday night. We are grateful for the enthusiasm of all who helped spread the word and for the passion and receptiveness of the parents who embrace the philosophy of the Foundation and share our commitment to growing the endowment for the benefit of current and future Laurelhurst children.

Enrich your family and your community: Join us in 2013

giving_snapWe are a community of parents, friends, and neighbors committed to the education and wellbeing of our children.  We believe that Laurelhurst Elementary School is the nucleus of our neighborhood, and we are dedicated to supporting the school’s health and vibrancy into the future.

The Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation was established to ensure a permanent source of funding for enrichment programs and initiatives at Laurelhurst Elementary School.  Over the last 15 years, more than 150 families and organizations have contributed to the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation.  With a capital base now in excess of $700,000, the Foundation has made significant headway toward our goal of reaching $1 million.

In spite of our focus on saving and investing toward the $1 million milestone, our children are already benefiting from the generosity of our donors.  Since its establishment, the Foundation has returned over $130,000 to our community in the form of grant funding for initiatives and programs in Laurelhurst Elementary.

Our hallmark fundraising program continues to be the 545 Campaign, through which Laurelhurst families commit to donating $500 per year for five years.  Every spring we host an exclusive event to honor and celebrate our 545 Families.

Please join us in demonstrating your commitment to our children, our school, and our community by supporting the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation as a 545 Family.


The Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation Board of Directors

Celebrate with the Kindergarten Kickoff!

Kindergarten Parents:

Cheers to sending your little ones off on their lifelong adventure of learning! To celebrate, we invite you to join us this Saturday night, September 14, for a parents-only evening of good food, good drink and good cheer.

We’ll have a wood-fired pizza oven on site, plenty of beer and wine, and magnificent views of Mt Rainier, Lake Washington and the Cascades to enjoy. If you live close by, we encourage you to walk over and make the most of a balmy evening that promises to be one of the last gorgeous nights of summer. The event is complimentary and no RSVP is required.

Kindergarten parents Abigail Francis and Charles Frischer are hosting the party in their home on behalf of the Foundation. Their house is located at 4404 52nd Avenue NE. The party kicks off at 7 pm. See you there!

Spring 2012 Foundation Update

Hello Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation!

My name is Rick Myers, and I am the current “Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation” President, a foundation for our neighborhood school,
Laurelhurst Elementary. The Board and I wanted to send out a long overdue message to all of you who have faithfully supported the Friends of Laurelhurst Elementary Foundation over these past 12 years. We thought the New Year was the perfect time to share with you an update on the Foundation both past, current and future.

First of all a thank you. We appreciate each of you so much for your continued support, both your financial donations and your vocal support of our Foundation. As of today, due to your support, the value of our Foundation totals $570,000,which is more than half way to our goal of raising $1,000,000. Including last year, we have continued to average $20,000 in annual donations. This year we have stretched our goal to $25,000 and we can’t get to that amount without your support.

As you may know, the purpose of our Foundation is creating a savings account for the school with a goal in the future to give a fixed amount of this endowment back to the school annually, most likely 4-5%. We anticipate that when we hit $1M in the account, our disbursements from the endowment would be able to provide dependable annual funds of approximately $40,000 to $50,000 each year going back to the school. As the endowment grows, this annual contribution from the endowment can grow. In fact over the life of the foundation (13 years now), we have granted $130,000 back into the school. That includes items like Hi-Tech White Boards, major parts of a computer lab, books and 2 years ago we granted enough funds for 4 brand new Apple MacBooks. It is so much fun to move the funds back into the school in these ways, and to see the kids with the teachers having their education come to life.

Finally, we are in the midst of updating our website, but you can still come check us out at [2]www.friendsoflaurelhurst.org. If you have not had the chance to make your annual pledge payment, or if it has been a long time since you have donated, we would love your support. Open the donation form [HERE] and pay by credit card, or just send in a check.

Let us know if you have moved, or if you enjoy receiving these message once or twice a year, or maybe you are directing your support other places. In any case, please stay in touch with us – we appreciate each of our Friends of the school and want to hear from you.

Many Thanks and have a great 2012.

Rick Myers – President

Friends of Laurelhurst Elementary Foundation

2010 Kindergarten Parents Night Out

Kindergarten Parents Night Out

It was great to see everyone at the Kindergarten Parents Night Out at the Mountaineers club on Friday. We want to thank the kindergarten room parents for partnering up with the Friends of Laurelhurst Foundation and allowing us to say a few words during the party about how the foundation supports the school and what the 545 Program is. We hope everyone had a great time and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you are looking for a printable donation form you will find one here.

545 Program Registration Form Now Online

545 Club Registration–For New Families And Returning Members

The tradition for the parent party of the year continues, though the gala at the JM Winery will again be in the spring, Registration is every fall. The tradition of Five For Five/ 545 (pledging $500 for five years) is composed of parents, alumni, and community supporters who pledge $500 every year to the Friends Of Laurelhurst School Foundation (FOLF). The Foundation is over 10 years old now and we are well on our way to establishing a PERMANENT endowment for our school, but we still need your support to make it happen. All participants are treated (later in the year) to a spectacular feast and tasting at JM Cellars in Woodinville (the event itself is well worth the $500 pledge!). To register is easy: simply drop off your check (payable to FOLF), with your EMAIL ADDRESS attached to it, to the school secretary. Questions about the foundation or 545 Program Contact Us today.

Sign Up for Our 545 Program Today – Download the 2010 Registration Form

545 2010 Form